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Let your voice shape the future of decentralized finance. #defi

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Over the past few months as developers, we have learned so much from Vox Finance and have created a totally unique project and community that encircles it. We have also had the opportunity to join forces with other projects and crypto enthusiasts that have taught a lot of important lessons to us. As the project moves away from centralized control over to community-based governance, we have decided to deepen our crypto-knowledge and expand our skills as solidity developers.

That is why we’ve been preparing something special for the crypto community and for our dear followers — a new, unique project called StaysBASE that will be built completely on the Binance Smart Chain, as we’ve seen the limitations of the Ethereum blockchain during network congestion.

StaysBASE enhances the concept of BASE Protocol and is pegged to the total market cap of all cryptocurrencies, gold and stocks. It will be offered on JustLiquidity’s JulSwap DEX as the first IDO project.

It builds upon the foundation made from the original rebase protocols and upgrades it with the unique feature of being connected to three markets simultaneously. Daily movements are weighted out and the rebase calculation considers the average of all three markets to create a healthy foundation for the token economy. The StaysBASE Protocol acts as a one-stop trading instrument which allows holders to speculate on the entire crypto industry, world stock market and gold market simultaneously, rather than just one token or a select portfolio of multiple. StaysBASE is supposed to be a more holistic reflection of all the three markets.

As an exclusive right and to show support for our VOX community immediately at the start, you will be able to join the private round of StaysBASE with purchases made in $VOXb.

Our integration with the new project will not end there however — we have many plans of how both $VOX and $SBS will be interconnected in the future. A private pool offering will be set up soon and the development and vision of Vox Finance will continue to be built in conjunction with StaysBASE.

We cannot wait to continue building and integrating both projects and we hope you join the private sale, or at least read through the litepaper of the new project.

You can learn more here: https://t.me/StaysBASE

Thank you for your support and looking forward to what the future brings,
Luka & Jure

“Vox Finance is a decentralized finance (DeFi) project developed by an independent team of developers, seeking to bring an innovative approach to the new emerging market by providing high-quality and profitable services while relying on the voice of the people to bring in community engagement to the underlying protocol.”

Let your voice shape the future of decentralized finance. #defi

Join us: Website / Twitter / Discord / Telegram

Vox.Finance is an innovative DeFi project created by independent developers that seeks to revolutionize the market by providing a community-led approach.

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