TFF Airdrop for VOX holders

Let your voice shape the future of decentralized finance. #defi

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Dear VOX supporters!

As we move into the second quarter of the year, we’re preparing many new exciting developments for both our past & news members. Our partnership with JustLiquidity and a team of advisors has opened a new venue for us to explore the Binance Smart Chain with a project that we are building in collaboration with a team of highly reputable developers & advisors.

That is why we’re extremely proud to share with our community that as a $VOX holder or staker you will be eligible for the airdrop of Tutti Frutti Finance ($TFF)! As a privilege for our small, yet amazing and supportive community, you will be one of the first recipients of the airdrop for our newest collaboration project.

How can I participate in the airdrop?

To be eligible for the airdrop, you must follow the following rules:

  1. If you hold $VOX only in your wallet, make sure to use a wallet that supports both Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain chains or use a wallet that allows you to export your private key in order to be able to access the TFF tokens that will be sent to you as a BEP-20 token.
  2. If you are a participant in the staking pool, your balances will be automatically snapshotted at a random time in the next 10 days and the address you are staking with will be the recipient of the BEP-20 tokens so make sure you are eligible as mentioned in the previous point.
  3. If you are a LP provider, please get in touch with us via email at using the following details: a screenshot of the pool dashboard on, your address and a Telegram username so that we may contact you.

The most important thing is: please use a wallet that allows you to connect to the Binance Smart Chain such as MetaMask, JulWallet or TrustWallet.

If you do not use one of these wallets, you have two choices; either move your funds to a BSC-compatible wallet or export your private keys to a wallet provider mentioned above.

We will be unable to refund or send the airdrop tokens again after the snapshot is taken. We will try to include as many of our users as possible, but please make sure to follow the guidelines mentioned above to be eligible for the airdrop.

Further steps

The newly created project will create opportunities for existing members to earn some profits and as well be used as a launchpad for the VOX(b) tokens on Binance Smart Chain! We will be opening farming pools and even more exciting offers for users that will migrate over to the cheaper & faster blockchain as we expand our platform. We’re very excited for what it brings in the future!

About Vox Finance

“Vox Finance is a decentralized finance (DeFi) project developed by an independent team of developers, seeking to bring an innovative approach to the new emerging market by providing high-quality and profitable services while relying on the voice of the people to bring in community engagement to the underlying protocol.”

Let your voice shape the future of decentralized finance. #defi

Join us: Website / Twitter / Discord / Telegram

Vox.Finance is an innovative DeFi project created by independent developers that seeks to revolutionize the market by providing a community-led approach.

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